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RAMJA was established in 2018 with commitment of active R&D policy in field of life-science and micro-fabrication technology 

1. RAMJA GENOSENSOR is Indian private limited company based in Delhi offering unique paper based sensor technology to detect   microbial Infection and Antibiotic Resistance in  less than 2 hour. 

2.  RAMJA is developing a sensor based point of care device for bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance

3.  This is the first portable infection detection digital device

4.  We can give result in one and half hour including sample processing

5. This technology is very cost effective and cheap in compare to any existing technology

 UPCOMING project

 We are  launching  complete panel of uropathogens causing UTI (urinary tract infection)  in most commonly pregnant women, surgery, ICU cases , hematological malignancies and vice versa.

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