We are ready with 2 Panel (UTI and critical care) to cover 90% overall infection

Six drug-resistant bacteria lead to AMR as per GRAM (Global Research on Anti-microbial Resistance): 

1. Escherichia coli, 
2. Klebsiella pneumoniae,
3. Staphylococcus aureus,
4. Streptococcus pneumoniae,
5. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
6. Acinetobacter baumannii,

Information regarding IPR

Background IP details:

  • Granted Indian Patent details i.e. No. 391913 granted in March-2022
  • US Patent No. is 507317451
  • PCT published in Wipo JUNE 2021
  • IP owned by: RAMJA Genosensor PVT LTD.
  • Licensing details, if any: NA

Consumer Base- PAN-India Renowned Diagnostic Labs 80% market share of test (blood and urine culture)

  1. Apollo healthcare (120 Labs and 1500 collection center)
  2. .MAX healthcare Labs- 800+Labs  and >1000 collection center operational
  3. SRL-Diagnostic   400+ laboratories, 2500+ patient service centres and 5000+ institutional touch points
  4. Dr. Lal Path (250 Labs and 4500 collection center)
  5. HOD Diagnostic Labs=17
  6. Neuberg 150 labs and 2000+ collection centers  (US too)

Key Performance Indicator

 With Pfizer fund (65 Lakh) and added SIDBI Fund (35 Lakh)=1 crore Investment of 8 crore

Capacity Building

  • Manufacturing Unit set-up with R&D establishing
  • Drug License Processing,
  • CDSCO and ISSO 3685 approval


  • Alchem (distributor partner)
  • Jindal Biotech (distributor partner)
  • 1 mg (distributor partner)
  • Napino (Device manufacturing)


  • AI based Algorithm to be developed for Genosensor Panel
  • Critical care pane ready (Can be use as pilot for algorithm)
  • Sepsis (Fungal) panel
  • Pneumonia panel


  100 devices and 200 Kits first year

    • Device revenue can be generated Rs. 16.5M
    • Kits revenue could be 23.8M

Market size

Competitors & Competitiveness

PAN India Projection – (30 states)

Launch of Device will be a mega event/ Live streaming and will try to Call, someone from The Ministry, secretory BIRAC, CEO of Labs, Doctors Distributor and Investor at launch of Device

Target segment/ customer

Diagnostic Lab chains (Apollo,Max,SRL, Lal path lab  HOD, Neuberg) PHC, Corporate hospitals chain and Government hospital’s  Labs (Microbiology)

  • Time (Ultra-fast)
  • Sensitivity
  • Gene specificity
  • User friendly (No highly trained staff required)
  • Its sturdy and Portable
  • Data authenticity (Cloud)
  • Data accessibility anywhere
  • Cost-effective for patients
  • Economic for any small set-up lab (No infrastructure required for infection detection)

Market Ready By Year Jan 2023

How Physician can predict treatment based on our Results

Culture Gold Standard -24% sensitivity

RAMJA Genosensor >--85% sensitivity

Culture Report

Status of Regulatory Approvals

  • Ethics committee approved Clinical trial done
  • CDSCO Volunteer registration for manufacturing approved
  • SANDBOX Integration approved
  • Trademark for RAMJA Approved
  • Device is also shortlisted in health ministry (Medical Innovation for Government PHC and hospital deployment (presentation is on 14th Oct.
  • ISSO-13485 is in process

Marketing strategy

Revenue Model

  • Solid Money from the Genosensor Device
  • Liquid Money from the Invitro Diagnostic Kits for different Panel ( UTI, SEPSIS, Pneumonia, TB etc.
  • On Every 21st Kit device will be free (With AMC charges and software subscription)

RAMJA Will add value to the customer  in term of Time and cost saving, and continue to add new panel as per demand

Business Model B2B Model

Recognition Of Start-Up

RAMJA Awards (2018-2022) 

  • BIRAC, BIG -12 grant award of 50 Lakh in 2018
  • Pfizer grant of 1 Lakh for intellectual property in 2020
  • Facebook small business grant of 1 Lakh  in 2021
  • Nidhi Covid Grant of 10 Lakh in 2021
  • SIDBI Swablamban challenge grant of 35 Lakh in 2022
  • Winner of Pfizer Innovation program 2022
  • Microsoft selected as their onboarded start-up to use their cloud bases services (Free of cost ).
  • NEXUS American centre graduate awardee 2020
  • Finalist of Google accelerator 2022
  • Special Invite to meet US Deputy secretory Wendy Sherman in Person meeting at TAJ Delhi in 2021

RAMJA Recognition

  • DPIIT Recognized
  • ISSO-9001 Certified
  • Uk-FDA Approved
  • Gem-OEM authorized vendor
  • CDSCO approved
  • SANDOBOX Approved
  • TOP 10 Finalist of ASIA Pacific MedTech Innovator 2022
  • Have has been shortlisted as to represent INDIA at world Innovation program SLUSH 2022 in Finland
  • This Product is shortlisted as top 75 innovations of the country and Launched by honorable PM Modi in 9 June 2022

Existing Methods

Empirical broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment leads to AMR



  • E. Coli
  • Klebsiella Pneumonae
  • Pseudomonas Aurogenesa

Superbugs Resistance

  • CTX-M
  • NDM
  • KPC

Line of antibiotics

  • Cephlasoporins-class-1
  • Carbapenem
  • Colistin
  • Limit of detection = 101 can detect
  • Limit of sample amount= 1 ml biological sample
  • Type of infection: any type of infection

Our Innovative Technology

The Possibilities Are Endless

At RAMJA GENOSENSOR, our comprehensive technology solutions will help hospitals, laboratories, physicians, scientists, and individuals achieve greater success. We work on revolutionary innovation. We developed the first Indian paper-based Genosensor device to detect bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance in one and half hours. We have developed UTI ( urinary tract infection panel) ( E.coli klebsiella and pseudomonas infection and CTX-M KPC and NDM. Our Trial with AIIMS Delhi is going on. Our device is just like your mobile shape, you can take it with you anywhere, It is gene-specific, sensitive and portable, and sturdy.
Using our device and Technology, now physicians can give the right antibiotics to their patients at right time, with NO waiting for lab results. RAMJA GENOSENSOR is continually building upon its technology to empower our users to do better. so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. For a free demo, contact us today