Everyone is concerned about good sanitation and hygiene during this pandemic. Many new ideas and discoveries have resulted from the innovation needed to achieve the goal. One of these is the discovery of nanoparticles, which was a revolution in the twentieth century when they were used in the ERATO Project in Japan under the name ultrafine particles by Research Director -Dr. Chikara Hayashi, chairman ULVAC Corporation (1981-1986).However, in the 1990s, the United States initiated the National Nanotechnology Initiative, which included the word “nanoparticle.”

Mechanism of action of NANOSHOT

Conventional disinfectants used as antimicrobial agents have harmful ingredients like chemicals and solvents.  With the advent of Nanotechnology, the goal of chemical-free disinfectants can be achieved. Nanoparticles prepared from biopolymers or certain metals having antimicrobial properties have several advantages over conventional chemical disinfectants like negligible toxicity, lacking harmful solvents or chemicals components.

Organic nanoparticles having antimicrobial properties that can be increased by exposure to light. However, owing to lower aqueous solubility it requires an appropriate nanoparticle-based system that increases its solubility as well as activity. Most of the metallic nanoparticles kill microorganisms by a phenomenon known as Mitigation or touch killing. Metallic nanoparticles too have inherent antimicrobial properties and are being widely used in many of the available commercial products. They can penetrate bacterial cell walls, changing the structure of cell membranes resulting in cell death. Similarly, the antimicrobial activity of few more metallic nanoparticles is due to cell wall damage and lipid peroxidation.

This hybrid nanotechnology-based disinfectant contains a combination of metallic and organic encapsulated biopolymeric nanoparticles. The hybrid disinfectant will form a thin temporary coating of biopolymeric nanoparticles on the surface. Due to the encapsulation of organic nanoparticles in biopolymeric nanoparticles, the release will be delayed thereby increasing its availability and increasing the antimicrobial action. The cocktail shows higher antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi, and viruses with sustained action with no toxicity and side effects.


Nanoparticles in Sanitation

Nanoparticle reacts with different bacteria, viruses, and fungi causing their large scale destruction. It acts as a potent disinfectant thus it can be used for making different types of surface cleaners and disinfectants which can be used to keep the surrounding clean from germs and protect your loved ones from infection.

Nanoshot Mission

People nowadays use alcohol-based hand sanitizers and disinfectants in a variety of ways. Since they are alcohol-based, they cause skin problems such as lesions, rashes, rough skin, and irritation. Furthermore, long-term use of these alcohol-based products can cause internal health concerns in children.

This inspired our team to explore more cost-effective and healthy ways to ensure adequate sanitation in the surrounding region. Alcohol-based chemicals have particularly harmful effects on children’s skin, which is extremely susceptible. The concept of using nanoparticles in sanitation was introduced to address this issue and its adverse effects. The team of RAMJA Genosensor is actively coming up with new ways to improve the identification of diseases, their removal, and the maintenance of proper sanitation. This time, our team has developed the organic hybrid surface disinfectant spray, NANOSHOT. This is India’s first multipurpose organic surface disinfectant based on nanoparticles. It is complete alcohol and hypochlorite-free solution. The one-shot of NANOSHOT is effective for the period of continuous 4 days.

Efficacy of NANOSHOT: We Validated NANOSHOT results in NABL accredited LAB. ISO certified,  It starts killing germs within 30 seconds and completely kill them in 10 minutes, Overall, Nanoshot has shown an efficiency rate of 99.9% on the tested bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and the effect lasts for four days (96 hours) after a single shot. As a result, there is no need to reapply the Nanoshot every few hours; only one shot will be sufficient for the next four days and the amount of Nanoshot used per unit area is lower. Germ-free surfaces and proper sanitation remains our priority


Nano shot comes in Lyophylize form of nanoparticles: Preparation and Application for larger surface area

NANOSHOT comes in three different spray packs for different surfaces.

  • Handy mist spray kit for car dashboards, car seats, tablets, wallets, books, luggage, lift control panels, TV remotes, microwaves, and other products.
  • Shotgun Spray is suitable for large areas such as receptions, subways, escalators, elevators, sofas, dining areas, meeting halls, metros, buses, schools, washrooms, restaurants, trains, railway stations, airports, and security checks.
  • A regular spray that is useful and simple to use on kitchen slabs, dining tables, bags, bottles, refrigerator surfaces, chairs, keys, showcases, glass objects, etc., and other similar surfaces.


Effect on Economy

NANOSHOT has an efficacy rate of 99.9% on all bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and it also lasts for four days after a single shot. As a result, you won’t need to reapply the NANOSHOT

every few hours; only one shot will be sufficient for the next four days.

As a result, the amount of NANOSHOT used per unit area is lower and lasts longer, which could benefit our society and government finances. Germ-free surfaces and proper sanitation remains our priority.


Surroundings and work efficiency ​

For every work either in office, home or marketplace, surrounding effects a person’s working efficiency on a continuous basis. Clean and Healthy surroundings lead to healthy working conditions with the best efficiency rate. NANOSHOT just does not clean your surroundings but also makes your surroundings healthy by making them free from every virus, bacteria, and fungi. This ultimately the best work environment with complete safety from different germs.



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